Vice-president of China’s top court attends China-Africa law forum

( Updated : 2019-08-01

Luo Dongchuan, vice-president of the Supreme People's Court of China, attended the 2019 Forum on China-Africa Law held in Beijing from July 30 to 31.

Strengthening judicial cooperation between China and Africa will provide a solid rule of law foundation for the two regions' deepening and diverse cooperation in the new era, said Luo at the forum, adding that it will also help to further formulate a common destiny for China and Africa.

Themed on China-Africa laws: judicial guarantees and dispute resolution in China-Africa investment and trade, the forum's attendees discussed judicial matters related to China and Africa including bilateral investment treaties, trade development, dispute resolution mechanisms and law related issues involving the Belt and Road Initiative.

International commercial trials are crucial for rule of law construction as the BRI develops, said Luo.

In June 29, 2018, the first and second international commercial courts were inaugurated in Shenzhen, Southern China's Guangdong province and Xi’an, Northern China's Shaanxi province, which created a foundation for international commercial dispute resolution in China and will add to a sound business environment, according to Luo.

The SPC appointed 14 judges responsible for international commercial cases and established International Commercial Expert Committee which includes 31 experts from 14 countries and regions, said Luo, adding that the China's top court has used creative institutions on case jurisdiction, litigation evidence, judgement document and smart trial to boost the construction of a one-stop platform for international commercial alternative disputes resolution.

Currently, 13 cases have been accepted by the two international commercial courts and they are in the normal process, according to Luo.