Tourism courts provide one-stop solutions for conflict

( Updated : 2019-06-26


The promotion of red tourism has seen the gradual establishment of environmental and tourism courts in several cities in Jiangxi, including Meiling and Shangrao.

Statistics from China Tourism News show that nine such courts have been established in the province since 2017, and more than 80 percent of the cases they handled were resolved by mediation or by litigants dropping their cases.

According to Deng, Jiangxi High People's Court has ordered these lower-level courts to pay greater attention to mediation, and to simplify legal procedures when dealing with tourism-related disputes.

Given that some red tourism areas or routes can span several provinces, he called for experience of such solutions to be shared and for greater judicial research with courts in neighboring provinces, such as Hunan and Fujian.

"I believe the one-stop legal service is also what the tourists want," he said.

As the efforts of these lower-level courts have reduced the number of tourism-related cases, they plan to launch more studies on solving environmental problems, such as those related to ecological restoration and pollution, to further enhance the beauty of the province, he added.

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