SPC head meets with his Thailand counterpart

(english.court.gov.cn) Updated : 2019-04-09

SPC head meets with his Thailand counterpart

Zhou Qiang, president and chief justice of China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) meets with Cheep Chulamon, his counterpart in Thailand, on Apr 8, 2019 in Beijing. [Photo/english.court.gov.cn]

Zhou Qiang, president and chief justice of the Supreme People's Court (SPC) of China, met with Cheep Chulamon, his counterpart in Thailand on Apr 8, 2019 in Beijing.

Zhou welcomed Chulamon and his delegation, saying that China and Thailand boast a long-term friendly relationship and have had frequent exchanges in the judicial field. The visit by Chulamon will further promote the two sides' judicial exchanges and cooperation as well as their good relations.

He introduced the country's development of rule of law and judicial work. China pays a lot of attention to the rule of law, deepening the reform of its judicial system, strengthening informatization construction and establishing a fair,efficient and authoritative judicial system so as to make people feel fairness and justice in every case, according to Zhou.

China's courts strictly implement the judicial accountability system, deepen the criminal procedure reform on the basis of trials and further promote judicial publicity so as to build a judicial system which is open, dynamic, transparent and convenient, and improve the quality and effectiveness of trials and the credit of judicial proceedings so as to improve the people's sense of gain, said Zhou.

Zhou added that he hopes for further cooperation between China and Thailand in the judicial field,together with exchanges and sharing of experiences on informatization construction, case study and training of judges.

Chulamon expressed gratitude for the hospitality and spoke highly of the achievements in informatization construction of China's courts. He said he hopes to have further cooperation and exchange with the SPC and to make contributions to the two nations' friendly relationship.