IP court of SPC opens first trial

(Xinhua) Updated : 2019-03-28

BEIJING -- The Intellectual Property (IP) Court of the Supreme People's Court (SPC) opened its first trial on Mar 27 of an appeal case over an invention patent.

The case involved a dispute over an invention patent between appellants Xiamen Lukasi Car Accessories Co. Ltd. and Xiamen Fuke Car Accessories Co. Ltd., two Chinese car accessories companies, and the appellee Valeo Systemes D'essuyage, a French company, as well as the defendant of the original trial Chen Shaoqiang.

In a lawsuit filed by the Valeo Systemes D'essuyage with the Shanghai IP Court earlier, the two Chinese companies were accused of manufacturing, selling and promising to sell wiper products that fell within the scope of Valeo Systemes D'essuyage's patent protection.

The French company also accused Chen Shaoqiang of manufacturing and selling such products.

The Shanghai court issued a verdict in January, convicting the two Chinese companies of patent rights infringement and ordering them to stop. The two companies appealed to the SPC later.

The IP Court of the SPC accepted the case on Feb. 15 and formed a five-member collegial panel to hold public hearing.

After the trial, the panel ruled that the acts of the appellants constituted infringement and ordered them to stop.

The IP Court of the SPC was established on Jan. 1, 2019, in Beijing, mainly hearing cases on appeal over patent and other IP rights disputes.