New measures promote judicial openness

( Updated : 2018-11-29

A document with 31 measures to push forward judicial openness and transparency was recently issued by the Supreme People's Court (SPC).

The mechanism of "justice in sunshine", which refers to a transparency and open judicial system meeting people's need for justice and fairness, is the basis of the document.

The mechanism plays an important role in guaranteeing the people's right to information, participation, expression and supervision power, as well as in administrating justice for the people and maintaining judicial fairness since the 18th National People's Congress in 2012.

The measures mention that courts at various levels in China must closely center on the goal of "letting the people feel fairness and justice in each judicial case" to improve judicial openness, optimize and update related platforms and carriers and promote accuracy, normalization and informatization.

Courts should also push forward the construction of a modern judicial system and trial capacity and raise people's awareness of China's legal voice through stories about its legal work.

According to the document, courts must continue pushing forward judicial openness in content and coverage, procedure norms and construction and management of platforms.

The measures require courts to publicize their basic information regarding trial enforcement, litigation service, judicial reform, judicial administrative affairs, international cooperation and judicial teams.

Courts should improve judicial procedures to make it easier for parties and lawyers to obtain information.

White papers, websites, online platforms and high technology should be promoted to better serve the people.

Courts should also build a close relationship with the media and have their own press centers to release judicial news, according to the measures.

In addition, the mechanism of assessment, supervision and demonstration should be improved to strengthen professional training and case study.