SPC issues guidelines on judicial service for environmental protection

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2018-06-05

China’s Supreme People’s Court issued opinions on providing judicial service for ecological protection on June 4 in a press conference.

Jiang Bixin, vice-president of the court said that solving ecological problem is one of the keys to improving people’s lives.

Therefore it’s necessary to set up judicial concept on environment and resource in the new era and protect the rights of people to grow and develop in a healthy, cozy and sound environment for the promotion of high-quality development and protection of ecological environment.

Speaking of solving prominent ecological environmental problems, the opinions stipulated that hearing cases related to air, water, soil pollution, solid waste and noise and vibration pollution is a must in protecting the rights of people living in a sound environment.

And environmental resource trial should play an important role in supply-side structural reform to serve and guarantee high-quality economic development, for example, promoting industry upgrading and industrial restructuring by hearing water and energy saving, green technology and finance-related cases, according to opinions.

The opinions also emphasized the need to guarantee the ecological civilization system reform such as hearing natural resource-related asset property right cases and properly handling naturally ecological-related registration right cases related to stream, forest, mountain ridge, grassland, wasteland and tidal-flat zone.

And at last, it’s said in the opinions to improve special trial mechanism for environmental resource and deepen court system reform as well promote jurisdictional system reform for environmental resource.