Chinese courts must review online rulings for mistakes

By Cao Yin ( Updated : 2018-05-10

Chinese courts have been ordered to strictly review disclosed rulings online to keep the justice by avoiding unnecessary mistakes, China’s top court said on May 10.

The Supreme People's Court issued a notice in which it stipulated that it has found flaws and mistakes in a few verdicts posted online, "and some are even stupid," it said.

It did not clarify what the mistakes are, but it noted that judges who are not serious about writing rulings and make mistakes will be blamed.

All courts have also been encouraged to use spell-check systems or software to reduce unnecessary mistakes before they are disclosed, the notice said.

In addition, each court can also select officials or senior judges to help improve the quality of rulings, it said.

"The problematic verdicts not only expose judges' carelessness regarding the job, but also affect the seriousness of justice," it added.

In late 2013, the highest judicial authority set up a website for the disclosure of rulings, with the aim of upholding justice by making court work and judicial affairs more transparent.

Since then, courts rulings have been ordered to be publicly disclosed. Those relating to litigants' privacy, such as business secrets, are allowed to not post.