China's supreme court stresses law enforcement to protect heroes

(Xinhua) Updated : 2018-05-10

BEIJING -- China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) has stressed strict enforcement of a new law to protect the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs.

The law was adopted by the country's top legislature in April and went into effect on May 1.

The SPC ordered courts nationwide to punish those who violate the rights of name, portrait, reputation, and honor of heroes and martyrs in accordance with the law.

People who profane or deny the deeds and spirit of the heroes and martyrs and those who glorify wars or acts of invasion and disturb the social order can face criminal punishments, the SPC said.

A few recent incidents in which young people dressed in Japanese WWII army uniforms and spread photos online to glorify the war have provoked outrage among Chinese.

Local courts are also required to accept lawsuits filed by family members of heroes and martyrs and public interest litigation by prosecutors against activities that defame heroes and martyrs, the SPC said.