Liu Xinyu, who cares left-behind children

( Updated : 2017-02-10

Liu Xinyu is the president of the charitable organization "On the Road to School", which has been focusing on assisting left-behind children since 2013.

Liu Xinyu, who cares left-behind children

The "On the Road to School" project invited social celebrities and volunteers to read famous books and stories and recorded them to make an audio "story box" that accompanies and encourages left-behind children, to teach them courage, honesty, and love.

A wide variety of celebrities read stories for the children, including noted TV hosts Kang Hui, Yang Jinling, and Ouyang Xiadan, as well as actress Li Bingbing and actor Bao Jianfeng.

Liu has an ambitious aim that the "On the Road to School" project will cover 5 million children in five years and reach all the left-behind children across China in nine years.

In October 2014, Liu and his team started preparation for a white paper on the state of mind of left behind children in China.

According to his deep understanding left-behind children's lives and the state of their minds, Liu expected to find the actual scope of left-behind children's problems. The first white paper was released on June 18, 2015, and aimed to appeal for the social concern of left-behind children's state of mind.

The white paper's 2016 edition was published on June 24, 2016, focusing on the influence of the left-behind children's state of mind when their migrant parents accompany the children. The white paper has been delivered to the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Women's Federation to assist the government in better carrying out care for left-behind children in rural areas.

The 2016's white paper has unveiled some problems unknown before and revealed many ways to help left-behind children.

Liu has been paying attention to the state of mind of left-behind children for more than three years. He and his team closely connected with left-behind children in rural areas. Liu expects to raise awareness of care for left-behind children through the "On the Road to School" project.