Deputy head of China's top tribunal meets S Korea team

By Jiang Xingguang ( Updated : 2016-09-05

The vice president of the Supreme People's Court (SPC) of China Li Shaoping met with a South Korean delegation led by Chang-Woo Ha, president of the Korean Bar Association (KBA), on Sept 2 in Beijing.

Li welcomed the 11-member team and said communication and cooperation between Chinese and South Korean courts has been frequent over the past few years.

"The visit led by Chang-Woo Ha will surely promote pragmatic cooperation between the two sides in the legal sector," Li said.

Li also briefly introduced the organization of China's courts and latest reforms.

He said that China's comprehensive judicial reform is aimed at "letting people feel the justice and fairness in every case."

Specifically, the reforms include improving judicial effectiveness and promoting judicial fairness.

China's overall judicial reform is based on domestic judicial practices. At the same time, it is also open to global experience and advice, says Li.

Li said that he wished the bar sector and judges between the two countries can participate in more exchanges in the future.

Chang-Woo Ha echoed Li as he described the KBA, and expressed his desire for closer legal cooperation between the two countries.

Established in 1952, KBA is comprised of fourteen local bar associations. KBA has contributed to the consolidation of democratic order and social justice in South Korea by reviewing legislation, critiquing governmental policies, conducting public opinion polls, and proposing alternative solutions to issues of public interest, according to its website.