President of China’s top court meets Australian Ambassador to China

By Jiang Xingguang ( Updated : 2016-08-01

Zhou Qiang, chief justice and president of the Supreme People's Court of China, met with Jan Adams, Australian Ambassador to China, on July 28 in Beijing.

Zhou briefed his guest on the legal construction and operation of courts in China.

In speaking about the reform of China's legal system, Zhou said as new information systems are put in place, a more dynamic, transparent, and efficient judicial system is emerging.

Broadening technological applications in the judicial system is one such reform. Courts of various levels in China are turning themselves into "Smart Courts" to better serve both the people and judiciary, Zhou noted.

Zhou also expressed his wishes for deeper and broader cooperation between China and Australia, especially in judicial exchanges, environmental law study, and lawyer training, which helps to advance the rule of law in the global community.

Ms. Adams echoed Zhou as she expressed the desire for closer cooperation in law between the two countries.