Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China

( Updated : 2015-12-01

(Adopted at the Second Session of the Fifth National People's Congress on July 1, 1979; revised at the Fifth Session of the Eighth National People's Congress on March 14, 1997 and promulgated by Order No.83 of the President of the People’s Republic of China on March 14, 1997)


Part One General Provisions

Chapter I The Aim, Basic Principles and Scope of Application of the Criminal Law

Chapter II Crimes

Section 1 Crimes and Criminal Responsibility

Section 2 Preparation for a Crime, Criminal Attempt and Discontinuation of a Crime

Section 3 Joint Crimes

Section 4 Crimes Committed by a Unit

Chapter III Punishments

Section 1 Types of Punishments

Section 2 Public Surveillance

Section 3 Criminal Detention

Section 4 Fixed-term Imprisonment and Life Imprisonment

Section 5 The Death Penalty

Section 6 Fines

Section 7 Deprivation of Political Rights

Section 8 Confiscation of Property

Chapter IV The Concrete Application of Punishments

Section 1 Sentencing

Section 2 Recidivists

Section 3 Voluntary Surrender and Meritorious Performance

Section 4 Combined Punishment for Several Crimes

Section 5 Suspension of Sentence

Section 6 Commutation of Punishment

Section 7 Parole

Section 8 Limitation

Chapter V Other Provisions

Part Two Specific Provisions

Chapter I Crimes of Endangering National Security

Chapter II Crimes of Endangering Public Security

Chapter III Crimes of Disrupting the Order of the Socialist Market Economy

Section 1 Crimes of Producing and Marketing Fake or Substandard Commodities

Section 2 Crimes of Smuggling

Section 3 Crimes of Disrupting the Order of Administration of Companies and Enterprises

Section 4 Crimes of Disrupting the Order of Financial Administration

Section 5 Crimes of Financial Fraud

Section 6 Crimes of Jeopardizing Administration of Tax Collection

Section 7 Crimes of Infringing on Intellectual Property Rights

Section 8 Crimes of Disrupting Market Order

Chapter IV Crimes of Infringing upon Citizens' Right of the Person and Democratic Rights

Chapter V Crimes of Property Violation

Chapter VI Crimes of Obstructing the Administration of Public Order

Section 1 Crimes of Disturbing Pubic Order

Section 2 Crimes of Impairing Judicial Administration

Section 3 Crimes Against Control of National Border (Frontier)

Section 4 Crimes Against Control of Cultural Relics

Section 5 Crimes of Impairing Public Health

Section 6 Crimes of Impairing the Protection of Environment and Resources

Section 7 Crimes of Smuggling, Trafficking in, Transporting and Manufacturing Narcotic Drugs

Section 8 Crimes of Organizing, Forcing, Luring, Sheltering or Procuring Other Persons to Engage in Prostitution

Section 9 Crimes of Producing, Selling, Disseminating Pornographic Materials

Chapter VII Crimes of Impairing the Interests of National Defence

Chapter VIII Crimes of Embezzlement and Bribery

Chapter IX Crimes of Dereliction of Duty

Chapter X Crimes of Servicemen's Transgression of Duties

Chapter XI Supplementary Provisions

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